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Probate and Other Transfers at Death

Planning for a smooth and efficient transfer of someone’s assets does not stop at his/her death.  There are many post-death opportunities available to do future planning for beneficiaries and reduce income and estate taxes.  It is important to understand what assets the decedent had and how each would pass before making any claim for benefits.

We are knowledgeable in all forms of probate proceedings and in the other ways of passing property without use of a Will.  We understand the importance of the timing of sales, payment of expenses and distributions.  The elections available to beneficiaries of annuities, qualified retirement plans and IRAs are reviewed.

Our practice areas include:

  • Formal and Informal Probate
  • Summary Procedures
  • Disclaimer
  • Trust Administration
  • Estate, Gift and Income Tax issues and planning
  • Qualified Plan, IRA and Annuity rules
  • Estate or Beneficiary legal representation

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