Pregnant Texas Woman Kept Alive Against Her Wishes: Why You Need a Health Care POA

There is a very sad situation occurring in Texas.  A pregnant woman had a blood clot in her lung and collapsed.  The details are a little unclear, but according to the woman’s family, doctors are keeping her alive on life support against her wishes because she is pregnant.  As I said, it is unclear what her medical status is, if, as the family claims, she is actually in a persistent vegetative state.  It is also unclear if her wishes are in writing pursuant to a valid Health Care Power of Attorney (HCPOA) or simply oral.

What I can tell you is that the law being discussed in the article also exists in a similar form in Wisconsin.  Essentially, unless you have a valid, written, HCPOA that contains language that specifically allows your agent to make decisions for you when you are pregnant, a medical facility in Wisconsin cannot end life support.  A medical facility could potentially be prosecuted for death to an unborn child if they do.

Regardless of your opinion on the issue, you should discuss it with your attorney and have it properly drafted to meet your wises.  If you don’t, your life, and the life of your unborn child could be prolonged against your wishes.

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